My hourly rate (whether listening, interviewing, drafting, originating, proofreading or correcting) is 40 euros (net price, VTA non applicable).

Typically, a 1 hour interview generates 4 hours writing, which gives rise to a package of 200 euros for an interview.

For a detailed biography requiring between 8 to 16 hours of interviewing, the fee ranges between 1600 to 3200 euros, excluding expenses and printing costs. For example, a 2-page letter costs from 40 to 50 euros, business-getting website content costs an average of 160 to 240 euros, excluding the cost of applying any visual elements (pictures or graphics) that have to be bought in.

Other expenses:

– transport expenses;

– printing and publishing costs (for biographies), which depend on various parameters (desired format, black and white or colour, presence or absence of illustrations, number of copies, etc.). I do not charge or receive any commission relating to the production of a book or document.

Whatever project you have in mind, after a free no-obligation exploratory discussion, I will provide you with a detailed cost estimate which I expect and hope you will judge to be reasonable and affordable (and, at the conclusion of the assignment, will prove to be one of your best long-term investments).

Payment: for the first stage of work, an initial payment of 30% of the quoted fee, with the balance of the fee payable after completion. Subsequent agreed additional costs will become payable at the time they occur. Final stage printing and publishing costs are invoiced separately at the conclusion of the project.