Writing the history of an organisation does not simply amount to relating its origins and the benchmarks of its development; it is also bringing to light values and practices which have endured over time, some of which may have become overlooked or taken for granted by the organisation as part of its DNA. It takes an outsider with no prior assumptions to uncover those values.

The history I have helped you to produce will not only help your organisation to better know, define or re-acquaint with itself but just, if not more importantly, impart that self-recognition to your clients, audiences and partners.

Practical details

A first free meeting will produce a precise outline of the client’s objectives. We will agree which testimonies will be collected and an approximate number of interviews. Possibly it could be useful to have research access to archives and documents. A work plan and time schedule would be produced, including proofreading time. All these elements will be itemised in the quote submitted.

I then move into your premises. If far from my place of residence, the collection of testimonies can be grouped over a short period.

Interviews are transcribed progressively and the drafting work is accomplished once they are completed. Discussion about corrections or amendments can mostly be carried out at distance by email or telephone.

Once the whole text is reviewed and validated by you, it is transformed into page layout and hard copies can be printed.