Travelling back on the path of one’s life can be emotionally rousing, even revealing. Covering it in partnership with a biographer can be particularly stimulating. I offer you guidance and company in this journey. Together, we will be discovering a vast landscape, which belongs to you, with its continuity and its evolution. I will be committed to bringing it to life by pen.

° biographies, ghost-writing; written memoirs;

° history of a family;

° life narratives for therapeutic use (to know oneself, to break free from painful memories, to situate oneself in an environment, etc.)

Practical details:

° An initial free meeting will be to get acquainted and agree the broad lines of our common project. If we are in accord, we can agree an approximate schedule, one which can maintain impetus without interfering with other activities that make demands on your time.

° On regular meetings of 1-2 hours, you will do most of the talking and I will take notes (and, if you agreed, would also record our conversation) – probing for additional information if necessary.  If you agree, I could also collect testimonies of people who know you well.

° After each meeting, I write what you entrusted to me and give you the text to read over and respond to – and correct if need be – so we can move forward at the next meeting.

° Once the whole text is reviewed and validated by your input, it becomes a whole draft (for those inevitable last-minute amendments and corrections!) and is then turned into a final draft including page layout.